Friends and Family Gather for Russell Armstrong Funeral

August 25, 2011 By:
Friends and Family Gather for Russell Armstrong Funeral

Nine days ago, Russell Armstrong's body was discovered in his friend's Los Angeles home. It was painfully obvious that it was a suicide.

Since then, it's been a heartbreaking game of blame, with friends, family members and fans searching for an explanation. Between his reality show, his estranged wife, financial struggles and alleged anger issues, there's certainly a lot to choose from.

It may be a while before those who knew him get closure, and it may be never before the reasons behind his death are discovered. But for now, at least Armstrong's body can be laid to rest.

Armstrong is set to have two memorial services, and one took place today, at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. Russell's Real Housewives costars were in attendance, including Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof, and of course, his estranged wife Taylor Armstrong.

His Texas memorial might be a more intimate, less high-profile service. It is set to take place the first week of September and include Russell's family as well as his childhood friends. Armstrong's lawyer, Ronald Richards, told PEOPLE that the ashes will be split between Taylor and his family in Texas:

"Taylor has indicated to Russell's nephew that Russell's family can take most of the remains back to Texas," he said. "They have a family cemetery there."

Bravo producer Andy Cohen commented on the tragedy:

"We're all still trying to process [the] very sad news, and looking at how to proceed with the series, which has finished primary production... we'll let you know what we decide when we do. In the meantime, we're sending our thoughts and prayers to Taylor and the rest of Russell's family."

Since Armstrong's death, a lot of questions have been raised over the ethics of reality television. I'm pretty sure the verdict is, there are none. If the public is going to watch it and be okay with it, they're going to put it out there. That being said, we can't really blame The Real Housewives franchise for this tragic situation. And I'm not just saying that because the New York one is my guilty pleasure.

But it's the same reason we can't outlaw credit cards just because they encourage people to live a lifetime of debt. Sure, corporations and networks and everything are evil and will totally exploit you for all your worth. And maybe it sounds harsh, but at some point, people have to be responsible for their own actions. There's always the option of saying no.

Bravo is reportedly re-editing the premiere of the show, as most of it centered around the deteriorating relationship between Russell and Taylor. No word on when the new season will premiere, but rumors are the date has been pushed back at least by a week.