RuPaul: I Don't Dress Up On Halloween

October 18, 2012 By:
RuPaul: I Don't Dress Up On Halloween

RuPaul, the patriarch (matriarch?) of RuPaul’s Drag Race tells us that he doesn’t dress up on Halloween.

Yes you read that right, RuPaul one of the most iconic drag queen of our generation, who plays dress up FOR HIS JOB, says he can’t stand Halloween.

“I hate Halloween,” the drag diva told Hollyscoop at the premiere party for RuPaul’s All Star Drag Race at The Abbey in West Hollywood, “I never dress up. I got to bed at 9pm on Halloween because I always resented it. ‘Oh, one day we get to dress up?’ Honey, I dress up everyday EXCEPT for Halloween.”

True, every day is Halloween when you’re a drag star. Don’t try to confine him to one day of year, it’s a costume party year round!

We would love to see some celebrity cameos on his show and asked RuPaul his number #1 choice if he could put any famous face in drag:

“All celebrities are already in drag. Everyone has a persona that they put on which is not who they really are when they go to bed or when they jump in the shower,” he tells us.

And as RuPaul always says, “You are born naked and the rest is drag.”

Also, in case you think the Queen of the Queens will ever retire his crown, think again!

“There is no retiring. That is a 20th century idea that you hit a certain age and then you go to Florida and you sit still for a long time. I will be 80 doing something. I don't know if I will be doing this, [but] I am going to continue to be vibrant.”

RuPaul's All-Stars Drag Race returns to LOGO on October 22nd.