Rumor Control: Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

November 23, 2010 By:
Rumor Control: Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

With the quickie engagement and talk of a wedding by Christmastime, it’s impossible not to wonder if Jessica Simpson might be pregnant.

She’s been looking a little thicker for months now. But recent behavior gives the G.P. even more reason to speculate. Engagement aside, Jess was spotted with her fiancé Eric Johnson at JFK airport last week with a massive bag hiding her belly.

Jessica Simpson's Recycled Engagement Ring

Then yesterday, she admitted to throwing up prior to her CBS Early Show interview. But she claims she was just “feeling sick.”

Talking to CBS' Harry Smith, Jess said, "I've had better mornings, I admit. I won't let you smell my breath."


Jessica Simpson Wants a Christmas Wedding

It turns out it was just the flu, however. A source close to the newly engaged singer says "She's not pregnant." Explains the insider: "She was just sick."

But it wasn’t until today that Jess actually addressed the rumors.

“They are no babies yet,” Jess said. “But, I definitely see myself having a family with him, so that’s exciting to think about.”

So there ya have it! Let the pregnancy rumors rest….until next week.