Rumor Control: Christina Aguilera is Pregnant

December 6, 2010 By:
Rumor Control: Christina Aguilera is Pregnant

Christina Aguilera has been looking a little…thicker lately. But is it because she’s got a bun in the oven? It’s time for some Rumor Control!

The story has been circulating since before Thanksgiving, just a few weeks after Christina announced her split from husband Jordan Bratman.
first reported the possibility of Xtina being pregnant right after her AMA performance.

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She did look a little heavier in her body suit, but it was chalked up to her gaining weight post-split. But now the Daily Mail has new info on Christina’s relationship with new boyfriend Matt Rutler.

She’s been swearing up and down that the two didn’t make a connection until after her split from Bratman—but new pics prove the two were really close on the set of Burlesque.

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The pics—taken back in February—show Rutler was never far from Christina’s side on the set. Sources are saying the two were intimate prior to her split announcement, and that there may be even be a bun in the oven!

At least that’s what the folks over at The Superficial think. Their theory is that once Christina found out she was pregnant with Rutler’s baby, she decided to leave Bratman for good.

I’ll admit—it’s a stretch, but Christina seems to be growing by the day. The costume outfit she wore to promote Burlesuqe in Japan recently makes her look gigantic. And who wears empire waist unless they’re trying to hide something?

It’s still just a theory at this point, but I’m starting to think it’s true! This rumor is still….up in the air!