Celebrity Offspring Who Need to Calm Down

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Celebrity Offspring Who Need to Calm Down
Image By: wenn.com

Celebrity offspring are doing TOO MUCH. Just because your parents are rich does not mean you have to act like a crazy mess. Leave that behavior to the actual celebrities.

Scout Willis loves to put her NIPS on display.


Girl, you are NOT Rihanna, you are Bruce Willis’ offspring. #calmdown #freethenipple


Rumer Willis leaves nothing to the imagination in this thing that is maybe a skirt?




Rumer's sister Tallulah Willis has GREEN hair.


Giving us death stares, for sure. #calmdown


Connor Cruise is a DJ.


Which is like, the anti-chill job. #calmdown


Kelly Osbourne has a head tattoo that says, “Stories.”


Girl, what does that even mean!? #calmdown


Eddie Murphy’s daughters' “modeling careers.”


Turn around and put some pants on. #calmdown


Diana Ross’s son Evan Ross is marrying Ashlee Simpson after dating her for one minute.


Both of you, #calmdown


Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland does not wear a bathing suit without throwing a picture of it on Instagram.


Girl, we get it! You’re skinny! #calmdown


Dennis Quaid’s son Jack Quaid is a sketch comedian, which you can probably tell from this face he’s making.



Tom Hanks' son Chester Hanks is an aspiring rapper.

Breh, you ain’t Justin Bieber. #calmdown


Jaden Smith wore a Batman suit to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.


Seriously, dude, #calmdown