Russell Falls For Barbara

November 6, 2007 By:
Russell Falls For Barbara

Why is it that David Spade plays such a good sleaze?
In last night's episode of Rules, Barbara (Heather
Locklear) has divorced her husband and is spending
some time at Audrey's. Russell (David Spade) sees this
as an opportunity to pounce.

But as they spend time together, Russell thinks he might actually be falling for her--as he says, "I haven't hit it, but I don't want to quit it."

Barbara’s really producing some positive changes in him. But post-divorce she seems to have something other than a long-term relationship on her mind. When she brings home a
one-night stand who looks like Tommy Lee (in a pretty
unflattering light), Jeff and Adam debate whether or
not they should tell a love-struck Russell. In the
end, Audrey breaks the news to him gently and Russell
reverts to his slimy self.

While all of this is going on, Jennifer and Adam
realize they've got a house full of faulty appliances
and they decide to have a practice engagement party,
inviting only "friends and acquaintances that we
wouldn't even invite to the wedding." The plan
backfired, though, when all the wedding-rejects invite
Adam and Jennifer to their own events--a renewal of
vows, a bark-mitzvah--and the presents they receive
end up being regifted.

I don't see why it had to end
this way. Just because they were invited to all these
events by people they don't really like, doesn't mean
that they actually had to go, right?