On Set With 'Rules of Engagement' Cast

November 6, 2008 By:
On Set With 'Rules of Engagement' Cast

What's are your rules of engagement? Hollyscoop went on the set of CBS's hit show to get the scoop from the stars about what what's its like filming and we can expect from the new season.

Speaking about filming in front of an audience, Orlando Jones said, "You always learn because in front of an audience, timing is a very different thing. The more off it is, sometimes the better it can be. Anytime you're in front of an audience you learn. You're always juggling the balance."

Bianca Kajich, who plays Jennifer on the show, talked to us about similarities between her and her character. "Sometimes I don't think she's like me, but sometimes my husband is like, 'it's totally you'. I'm not a very quite girl, not very graceful, don't have the best etiquette, more of man's woman. So that’s probably the similarity between Jenn and Bianca."

So do the actors apply knowledge from their own love lives to their characters? Patrick Warburton does. He said, "I've been married for 17 years, so much of what goes on in my life, I can apply to what goes on with Jeff and Audrey. It's not a really conscious thing, it's a subconscious thing. We just feel like an old married couple."

Patrick also added, "We're in season 3 right now, we're shooting our 8th episode, these are the best scripts we've seen!" We couldn't agree more Patrick! Check out the clip below of Hollyscoop on set at Rules of Engagement...