April 7, 2006 By:

Only in LA would celebrities be a no show for a media event and show up a few blocks away at a nightclub to get trashed and have paparazzi take pictures. Now if you’ve been keeping track of all our hot imaginary hubbies you’ll remember how much we adore Vinci from “8th & Ocean.”We finally got the chance to rub elbows with the hottie himself (literally!) last night at LA hotspot LOBBY. He showed up with a has-been burned out playmate Tina Jordan with ginormous fake titties, among other things. The ho got pretty bent out of shape when our hubbie kept making eye contact with our hot girlfriend (who has natural D’s) and even more pissed when I attempted to tell him to read HOLLYSCOOP cause we love him so much. She bickered at me and sarcastically told me that me approaching him was “Classy”…bitch relax! Instead of getting upset I took the high road and took it as a compliment that a fake tittie has been 45 year old playmate was so intimated by me, someone half her age! If anyone knows Vinci himself holla at him and tell him to check out the site. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it enough time already, he’s such a hottie! His style, his looks, his game…I’m getting wet just thinking about it! Damn!