The Royal Snub

July 12, 2007 By:
The Royal Snub

Famed Hollywood photographer Annie Leibovitz got a tongue-lashing and a stare down from Queen Elizabeth II when she asked the Queen to remove her crown to have her photograph taken.

The photoshoot was during a portrait session, the documentary "A Year With the Queen." The Queen was being photographed in Buckingham Palace when the Vanity Fair photographer told her, "I think it will look better without the crown because the Garter robe is so ..." Before she could even finish her sentence, the Queen interrupted, "Dressy [?] What do you think this is?" She then marched off with a servant running after her holding her train.

Hope Anne took some good pictures inside the palace, because that's probably the last time she'll ever be invited back.


No one talks shit about the Queen! The BBC has apologized for and claim that she did not in fact walk out. They said, "This was not the case and the actual sequence of events was misrepresented."