Celebs Tweet About the Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011 By:
Celebs Tweet About the Royal Wedding

Most of them are all the way on the west coast, but that didn’t keep celebrities from staying up all night (or waking up incredibly early) to Tweet about the Royal festivities!

Joel Madden: “Got up early to watch the royal wedding. Not gonna lie i got a little choked up. I'm a sucker for a good love story. Congrats Royal Family” We’re guessing wife Nicole Richie is still asleep.

Sharon Osborne: Sharon Osborne: "Just saw Prince William & Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey. Magnificent Men. Diana would be so proud."

Stephen Colbert: “At the Royal Wedding. Crap, I’m wearing the same thing as Camilla.” I’m surprised Colbert didn’t think it was the March to Keep Fear Alive!

Piers Morgan: “My Best Dress vote: 1) Kate 2) Victoria Beckham 3) Pippa” Woah, watch out, Joan Rivers. There’s a new fashion sheriff in town!

Justin Bieber: “you know you all kinda wanted and hoped to turn on TV and see this go down at the royal wedding” (Tweeting T-Mobile Royal Wedding video).

Denise Richards: “couldnt sleep last night...ended up watching the wedding. @torianddean should've just joined u anyway..gorgeous wedding...#RoyalWedding” We don’t blame you. The Royal Wedding is a nice break from all the Charlie Sheen hoopla!

Brooke Burke: “Still in bed watching the #royalwedding coverage. Painting my toes OPI” Way to try to hide your Twitter product placement.

Sandra Bernhard: “i loved the nuns sitting next to will and kate with their eyes closed, remembering how it could have been.” At least when you’re married to God, you don’t have to deal with a mother-in-law.

Gayle King:: “I love love love kate’s dress and so impressed it remained a total secret until today.” So are we, especially considering Alexander McQueen’s people denied so much!

Elisabeth Hasselback: “Watched #royal vows with the kids. Power moment w/ them about marriage+promise to God to love one another. "is that guy with the hat "God?" No kids, God is the old woman in yellow.