Rosie O'Donnell Wants To Wait To Get Married

June 5, 2008 By:
Rosie O'Donnell Wants To Wait To Get Married

You'd think Rosie O'Donnell would the first in line to get married after California legalized gay marriage. But RoRo says she and partner Kelli Carpenter want to wait until it's legal across the whole country.

The two actually are already married. They wed in 2004 when the mayor of San Francisco first made it legal. Now Rosie and Kelli are planning on getting re-married, but they're holding out. Rosie said, "We're going to wait until it's legal everywhere, because otherwise, I said to Kelli, we'll be going around touring the country on the marriage tour every state by state."

Rosie also believes it's not far off, saying, "The same way it was illegal
for black and white people to marry at one point and people couldn't
conceive of that ever being different, I do think that two consenting,
law-abiding adults who want to share their life together should be allowed to do that."

She may be overbearing at times, but you gotta give it to Rosie for speaking out about what she believes in.