Rosie O'Donnell Defends Chris Brown

April 4, 2011 By:
Rosie O'Donnell Defends Chris Brown

On her Sirius XM radio show, Rosie O'Donnell defended Chris Brown, saying she “felt mildly angry at Robin Roberts.”

“I don’t know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anybody else,” O’Donnell said.

Has Rosie not seen the pictures of Rihanna’s face from that beating? Because I’m pretty sure we’re all expected to live up to the standard of not making someone look that way.

O’Donnell said she felt like calling Robin Roberts and asking if she could take a second look at the situation to see how she was responsible. O’Donnell later tweeted that Chris Brown was a victim, too.

I’m really not getting how Chris Brown is a victim, though everyone sure seems hell-bent on it. What’s he a victim of, negative publicity? Sorry, I think I’m all out of f-cks to give. You don’t want people to hate you? Probably try not bashing someone’s face in. Maybe?

Rosie then continued, saying,

“Part of me wanted to take a chair and throw it through the window at The View after all that happened. But, you know, there are no windows down there in that rat-infested cellar. It was like prison.”

It’s hard to take her defense of Chris Brown seriously when she calls a million dollar, totally voluntary job, “prison”. I’d keep going about how ridiculous that is, but frankly, I’m afraid Rosie is going to kick my ass.