Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Jokes About Shia LaBeouf Being Hot

July 1, 2011 By:
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Jokes About Shia LaBeouf Being Hot

Are we all just pretending that Shia LaBeouf is a Hollywood playboy and not the dorky mistake Megan Fox made when she was rebounding? Alright, fine.

Shia LaBeouf is so hot and tempting, that his Transformers costar, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley said she had to “wear a chastity belt” to avoid having sex with him.

Chelsea Handler asked the actress if she found it hard to resist LaBeouf, and after Huntington-Whiteley laughed, she responded: "It was tough...I really had to restrain myself. I had to wear a chastity belt and everything."

I love that Rosie couldn’t even say that with a straight face.

At least someone else finds this whole thing ridiculous. Fox’s reps confirmed that she and LaBeouf were previously involved.

Hollyscoop recently talked Huntington-Whiteley, and she revealed her biggest turn on:

“I know everybody says it but a sense of humor oh my gosh, its so sexy, I love a good sense of humor.”

Her biggest turn-off? “Bad manners and someone that cant support you is a big turn off,” Rosie told us. Sorry, Shia. Bragging about who you banged is definitely bad manners.