Rosie and Star: It's On!

April 3, 2006 By:

Lets get the punching bags rolling: This time it’s for Rosie O'Donnell and Star Jones. Rosie tells New York magazine: "Here's what annoys me about Star Jones. To write a book about how to be the perfect woman that she now is, and to leave out gastric bypass and the supposed gender-identity issues of your husband, it's just like selling bulls- to the point that it's sickening."

Rosie added: "And she pushed away a plate of Oreos with co-host Joy Behar. They had new Double Stuffed Oreos they had to eat, obviously, because they had a Nabisco deal at ABC, and Star goes, 'I'll just have one, because I have self-control.' And I thought, Joy's gonna say it. She's gonna say, 'You lying sack of shi#, you can only eat one because you poop soup!'" OUCH! Rosie is on fire! We want to see these two in a ring with some fighting gloves on!