Roseanne Barr Texts Tom Arnold: 'Why Didn't You Wait?'

August 13, 2012 By:
Roseanne Barr Texts Tom Arnold: 'Why Didn't You Wait?'

Last night during Roseanne Barr’s Comedy Central Roast, her ex-husband Tom Arnold made a surprise teary-eyed appearance.

This is a big deal because they haven’t spoken, let alone be in the same room in 18 years.

Tom told Hollyscoop at the Hit and Run Press Day the long story on how he finally agreed to make the surprise appearance that ended in a very sincere reconciliation between him and Roseanne backstage.

Tom and Roseanne’s 1994 divorce was a bitter public battle, the producers of Roseanne’s roast were really urging him to do the roast and despite his obvious hesitation he told Hollyscoop, “But I was also curious, there was part of me that wanted to do it. But I knew I had to clear it by my wife and my publicist.”

The producers of the show pitched him several ideas to appear on the show, one involving him posing as a waiter and silently refilling Roseanne’s drinks and another where he roasts all the other roasters except Roseanne.

Tom’s response, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. “

“On Tuesday last week, I get a call [from Roseanne’s manager], ‘She wants you to do it, she wants to talk to you right now,'" Tom recalls, "I said, I’ll tell you right now, we literally haven’t talked in 18 years, if I talk to her, I know where that conversation is going to go and it won’t happen.”

Then Roseanne leaves him a voicemail the night before the show, the first time she’s spoken directly to him since their divorce.

“She leaves a voicemail, she said ‘I know you’re concerned, we’re not going to mess with you.’ I said it sounds like a very nice message. My publicist says, ‘it sounds like she has a gun to her head!’”

Tom’s publicist finally agreed to let Tom appear on the roast as long as Roseanne says ONE nice thing about him on the show, and she did, she said, “Tom could always make her laugh.”

“That’s perfect,” says Tom, “‘always made me laugh’ is the best thing a man can hear from an ex.”

So after several of the other roasters went onstage, an unscheduled, unpublicized appearance from Tom had everyone in the audience wondering if he had stormed the set.

“I thought people would think this is a joke, and I could feel when I walked out that people were gasping. I didn’t make direct eye contact with [Roseanne] at first.

He delivered his jokes but after the “roast” portion he told a heartfelt story about how they met and why Roseanne was his comedy idol.

During his speech he was visibly tearing up, telling us, “It seemed to get very real at that point. You know, the other stuff is jokes because, there’s something there. People said it’s business, it’s not personal, but it’s personal to me.”

“At the end I started to leave,” Tom recalls, “but the roasters are all supposed to acknowledge Roseanne, and we had the most awkward hug, then I’m getting my mic off and going to the back. Then I hear her say ‘Tom, Tom.’ She pulled me aside and told the photographers to get away, then she said ‘I understand why you were afraid to do this. Why you were nervous, but I’m glad you did and it was great to have you.’ Then someone asked to take a picture and she said, ‘I have to pee, I’ll be right back.’ So I took off, and that was it.”

Tom says a few days later Roseanne texts him writing, “Why didn’t you wait? I would’ve come back!”

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