Rose McGowan Was Raised by Drag Queens

August 12, 2011 By:
Rose McGowan Was Raised by Drag Queens

Rose McGowan is saying a lot of things. She’s been out and about promoting her new flick, Conan the Barbarian. Hollyscoop caught up with McGowan, who told us:

“Conan The Barbarian is so completely different from the original and really, anything out there. Conan’s world is pretty insane. It’s a hard R.”

And in typical Rose McGowan fashion, she has something risqué to tell us about the movie:

“I have an Electra complex. People can look that up in the dictionary.” Way to insult our intelligence, Rose. Wait…that is the one where the chick is into her dad, right? Just making sure. Now for my next reaction: ew!

The actress is also now revealing that she was raised by drag queens.

“At 13, when I was a runaway, I was taken in by the most amazing drag queens in Portland, Oregon. We didn't always know where our next meal was coming from, but there was so much camaraderie and love,” McGowan says.

And there were other benefits:

“Those girls could paint a face. And I learned how because of them.”

I love drag queens as much as the next gal, but I don’t know if I’d take makeup advice from them. The ones on my block, at least, look like they could use a few lessons, because they cake that sh-t on. Then again, they’ve got to cover up those five o’clock shadows.

Rose McGowan’s childhood was interesting to say the least. She was born in Italy as a member of the Children of God cult. Children of God was started in Huntington Beach, and they were basically a bunch of hippies. River and Joaquin Phoenix also grew up in the cult. As a kid, Rose lived in different communes before moving to the U.S.

Anyway, now that she has some free time, maybe Rose can finally cross one item off of her bucket list: lesbianism.

“I disappoint myself. I’ve never even kissed a girl. Isn’t that funny? The girls I think are cute look like guys, but then I think, ‘But if they open their shirt, they’ll have breasts.”

Who can argue with that logic? McGowan continues:

“I’d be stoked to do a lesbian love scene. When asked if I’ve kissed a girl, I could finally say, ‘Why yes, I have. And I got paid.”

McGowan, whose sister is a lesbian, says the place she feels most comfortable is at a gay club. “I’m perfect at home there. I also like watching hot boys and hot girls who can dance.”