'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Wants to Get Into Acting

November 17, 2011 By:
'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Wants to Get Into Acting

Because real acting is a natural progression from fist fights, verbal sparring and drunken debauchery, Ronnie Ortiz from Jersey Shore says he’s thinking about getting into acting. Like the real kind, as in reading-words-from-scripts and someone calling “action.”

Hollyscoop caught up with the Jersey Shore star at the Launch Party for Google Music Available on T-Mobile Android Powered Next Gen 4G Devices, and told us that his future plans include more Jersey Shore and maybe some appearances on the big screen, and I don’t mean Jersey Shore played on a large screen television.

“[I’m] just waiting for the new season of Jersey Shore to end, air in January and start traveling again and maybe get into acting right now,” Ronnie tells HS.

Surprisingly he didn’t mention his stint as a pro-wrestler. Last week Ronnie appeared on TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, and says, “It was a really great experience. I grew up watching it and now I get to see it firsthand and experience it. You get to see that they really work hard,” says the reality stay.

But after some mixed reviews from his “acting” abilities in the ring, he says wrestling “wasn’t for him” and thinks that his acting talents are better suited in a comedy film, this is according to himself.

“I would also like to get into acting, like more of the action/comedy roles,” says Ronnie.

Until that acting career takes off, he’s still got another season of Jersey Shore to promote. He says that the new season will have most of the same elements from past season.

“What you expect from every season: drama, drama and fun,” says the reality star.

In that order? Drama, Drama, and then Fun? Or can we expect fun mixed in with drama? Jersey Shore is just a very complicated show so I want to make sure I’m getting my facts straight.

Also, now that the eternal “are-they-aren’t-they” coupling of Sammi and Ronnie have finally called it quits he says don’t expect too much drama from the duo in the new episodes.

“No, that drama is over with at this point. Yeah, we finally grew up. It the new season it’ll be a lot more fun as opposed to Italy it was just all drama, sh-t being thrown, things being thrown.”

Yes, there were things being thrown during Season 4 of The Jersey Shore, but all I can remember them throwing was pizza. That’s what they did right? They “worked” at a pizza place.