Roman Polanski Arrested and Extradited to America

September 28, 2009 By:
Roman Polanski Arrested and Extradited to America

Roman Polanski, who fled to France back in 1978 after being convicted of unlawful sex with a minor, will reportedly be sent back to the US within the next few days.

However, one defense attorney believes the director's freedom is imminent. The Swiss Justice Ministry insisted: "There was a valid arrest request. We knew when he was coming - that is why he was taken into custody. He is in provisional detention with view to extradition."

French officials have pledged to help Polanski, who is a French citizen, but also owns property in Switzerland, which is where he was arrested.

French Minister of Culture and Communication, Frederic Mitterrand, said he was “deeply shocked” by the arrest and had discussed the matter with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In a statement, the minister spoke of his “astonishment”, saying he “regretted in the strongest way that a new ordeal has been inflicted on someone who has already gone through so much."

Polanski is expected back in the states before the end of this week and faces spending the rest of his life in jail. For more on Roman Polanski's arrest and his fate check out