Rockin out at Rock & Republic

March 21, 2006 By:

Rain or shine, the Hollyscoop girls will never pass on a red carpet event or a fashion show. Regardless of the rain we managed to make an appearance last night at the Rock & Republic show. I must begin to tell you that it was one of the most creative, artistic shows I have ever been too. Michael Ball, the Designer and CEO of Rock and Republic, is pure genius! Sony Studios Stage 18 was transformed into a stylish nightclub, with champagne flowing and beautiful people mingling, you could almost forget it was a fashion show. He must have been an artist in his previous life because the show was not actually a show but more like an art exhibit, which made the clothing stand out so much more. It also gave the opportunity for us to walk around and admire the clothing, unlike typical fashion shows, where the model comes out do a quick peek-a-boo and go back inside.

We all know that we go to fashion shows to admire the amazing models, but Michael Ball managed to have amazing models walk around as ‘normal’ people rather than having them on the runway. Eloisa Carvalho is the new face of Rock and Republic and was seen all around the big screens wearing the new tight fitted clothing. I cannot wait to go buy my cigarette fitting jeans. I have been looking for those forever!