Rock The Cradle Recap

April 18, 2008 By:
Rock The Cradle Recap

Whoa what a show indeed! Full steam ahead as the cradle has picked up an enormous amount of speed since last week's intense elimination. It came down to Jesse or Chloe and Chloe was saved by the skin of her teeth. Jesse Money was understandably disappointed and stormed out the show--without saying goodbye and not without trashing her dressing room in a fit of anger! Just like a real diva--or spoiled decide who's still in the cradle. The emotional Chloe thought for sure she was going home after receiving an awful round of scores, but instead was chosen to stay and sing. And did she ever sing! She gave an emo--worthy performance full of the type of teen angst we all know too well.

All this week, MTV has taken real world route by broadcasting the fights and comments being made by the singers- about one another! Pretty boy---you know the one who does back flips--is riding high after getting the safe seat (highest scores) twice in a row. He gave a great performance complete with a guitar breaking diss meant for Crosby. Crosby wasn't going to take it lying down either, he gave his own worthy performance full of hype and energy. He's definitely a fan fave! These two have a friendly competition to each other and ironically both gave homage to each other by performing a bit like one another.

Chloe rode to second place by making one of her mom's (Olivia Newton John) sweet ballads into her own. Larry Rudolph (former manager of Britney Spears) called it pop porn. Yeah-- we have no idea either- but we like the sound of pop porn too! She's the US version of Bjork, so watch out for her album to drop after this whole show ends. On the negative side of things, Akeiba got the boot with the least amount of votes in favor. Perhaps that "40 year old" wardrobe had something to do with it. Or it's possible being the only plus size singer didn't warrant much votes from "visually appealing" point of view.

A shame either way, both her and Jesse Money had the best voices and so much potential. Landon and Lil B on the other hand, gave the most cringe worthy performances to date. Vocals were way off and painful to bear. Next week is double elimination and these two are in danger of taking their last bow.