Sharon Osbourne To Host Charm School For Rock Of Love Rejects

May 20, 2008 By:
Sharon Osbourne To Host Charm School For Rock Of Love Rejects

This by far is the most genius show ever in the history of trashy reality shows.  VH1 has just announced that Sharon Osbourne will be the host and mentor of Rock of Love Girls: Charm School which is a spin-off of both Charm School and Rock of Love.  Genius!

Here's how VH1 is spinning it:

Breakout stars from both seasons of "Rock of Love" will come together under one roof to learn and grow in areas of etiquette, fashion, manners, and moderation. They will be refined in hopes to graduate "Charm School" as sophisticated and polite ladies. And who better to push these girls down the road to renewal and re-discovery than Sharon Osbourne. As Headmistress of "Charm School," Sharon will attempt to strip the girls of their former rebellious and wild ways. And with some help from experts, hopefully transform the girls into fully rockin' ladies.

The contestants will focus on one lesson a week followed by a demanding test. Whoever doesn't measure up to the challenges of "Charm School" will be expelled. In the end, the last one standing will be rewarded with $100,000 to put towards her new and improved life. 

Or, if Daisy wins, she can use that money to get another arm sleeve tattoo and a new collection of Lucite heels!  This show is even better than the show we were originally so excited about, I Love Money, which will star all those slags from Rock of Love.