Daisy From Rock Of Love Gets Her Own Show

November 6, 2008 By:
Daisy From Rock Of Love Gets Her Own Show

OMG. Just when we thought television couldn’t get any worse, this comes along. Daisy, the tatted-up stripper who Bret didn’t pick on Rock of Love 2, has just landed herself her own show.

It’s called Daisy of Love. And no, we did not make that up. It’s a real trip to click on the casting website http://daisyoflovecasting.com/ to see some of the winner vying for her love.

Daisy’s looking for “bad boys” who live a rock-n-roll lifestyle, who have what it takes to win the heart of “one of reality TV’s sexiest sirens.” Wait who are we talking about here…..

Auditions will be held in the following cities:

- Los Angeles

- New York/New Jersey

- Chicago

- Phoenix

- Austin

- Atlanta

- Las Vegas

- Dallas

- Miami/Ft. Lauderdale