Charm School Season Two Cast Revealed

September 10, 2008 By:
Charm School Season Two Cast Revealed

School's back in session! VH1 has rounded up a new batch of skanks for the second season of Charm School. And you might recognize a few of them, because they just grabbed all the rejects from the last two seasons Rock of Love.

Fourteen of them, to be exact. It's got to be so easy for the VH1 casting people now. You get kicked off Rock of Love, you join I Love Money, and if you don't win that, you're welcome to join Charm School.

This season, there's a new headmistress in town. Sharon Osbourne will attempt to strip the girls of their slutty, gold digging ways and turn them into legitimate ladies. The contestants will focus on one lesson a week followed by a demanding test.

Whoever doesn't measure up to the challenges of Charm School will be expelled. In the end, the last one standing will be rewarded with $100,000 to put towards her new and improved life…or their new wardrobe to wear on the next reality show they're on.