Robin Williams Weds For A Third Time

October 24, 2011 By:
Robin Williams Weds For A Third Time

Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams wed his girlfriend of two years, Susan Schneider, over the weekend. The two tied the knot at Meadowood Resort in the Napa Valley town of St. Helena, California on Sunday.

This is Williams’ third marriage, as his ex-wife of twenty-two years filed for divorce back in 2007, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Read: got tired of his John Madden impressions and the sound of him coughing up his own hairballs. The divorce was finalized last year. Before that, Williams was married for ten years, between 1978 and 1988.

Schneider is an artist and graphic designer who heads up the graphic design firm Critical Eye Design, and recently told the San Francisco Chronicle she was “so excited and so thrilled” for her big day. But probably not at as excited as Williams, who seems to get riled up just by seeing himself on TV or hearing his own voice.

According to The Guardian, William’s met the designer right before he underwent heart surgery in 2009, and she sat by his side in his Los Angeles home to make sure he regained his health. Williams said at the time:

"It's so nice having time off right now. There's no rush. Enjoy it. When you have something like heart surgery, you appreciate the simple things, like breathing. I'm taking it a lot easier. "I was running down. They looked at my heart and went, 'You've got a blown valve.' A year later, I'm working well. It's kicking hard.”

And the couple’s guest list included many people from the Hollywood A-list. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are rumored to have been in attendance. Williams’ three kids from previous marriages were also in attendance—Zelda, 22, Zachary 28, and Cody 19. Yes, he has two kids named Zach and Cody. I really hope they live in a hotel and hang out with Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song.

Anyway, actress Zelda Williams was excited about her father’s third marriage, Tweeting:

"Let the wedding madness begin! Dad just called @RobertKazinsky and @ShannonCollis my hetero-lifemates at the wedding.”

Because that Tweet confused the hell out of people, Williams cleared it up:

"Just realized my tweets have probably been misconstrued. No, it's not my wedding, haha. Thanks for the congratulations regardless. The wedding festivities rage on but my tired feet are done. Think it's time to lay in the tub, eat m&m's and write."