Robin Williams Jokes About His Heart Surgery

May 14, 2009 By:
Robin Williams Jokes About His Heart Surgery

Leave it to Robin Williams to make light of every situation.

The hilarious actor, who just had open-heart surgery eight weeks ago, went on David Letterman's Late Show on Wednesday and poked fun at himself claiming him and Letterman "are now brotherhood of the zipper chests."

Letterman also had open-heart surgery back in 2000, so they clearly found an unusual bond.

Robin joked that "I have one new valve and a repaired valve. I have a cow valve, which is great, and the grazing's been fun."

When asked when he knew he had a real problem, he said he noticed there was something wrong with his heart when he was getting short of breath, "code for heart problem," he added.

All jokes aside, we're just glad that his surgery went well and he's up and about joking and smiling again...and working! His new film Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian opens May 22.