Xavier Samuel: Don't Mess Up Robert Pattinson's Hair!

May 31, 2012 By:
Xavier Samuel: Don't Mess Up Robert Pattinson's Hair!

Think Fast: You find yourself in an impromptu vampire fist fight with none other than “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson…what do you do!?

“Be careful not to mess up his hair,” says Xavier Samuel, star of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Samuel actually took home last year's MTV Movie Award for “Best Fight” thanks to his brilliant fight scene with Robert Pattinson and Bryce Dallas Howard in the third Twilight film.

“It was so hard to take [the fight] seriously because you’re pretending to yank each other’s heads off,” Xavier jokes to Hollyscoop.

Off screen, the guys weren’t perfecting their sucker punches but rather, they were having impromptu guitar jam sessions. But do Samuel and Pattinson have any plans to turn their two-man guitar act into the hot new boy band?

“Yeah, we booked all these cities,” says Samuel, “Its massive. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it.”

So sad, he’s only joking.

But Samuel has hung up his pasty vampire make-up and is heading into horror territory. Horror films, that is.

The rising Aussie actor stars in the new Paramount flick/horror film, “The Loved Ones.”

Samuel plays Brent, a high-school kid terrorized by a secret admirer when he turns down her request to go to prom.

Critics are calling the film, “16 Candles” meets “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Or as Samuel puts it, “[go see this movie] if you’ve ever wanted to feel terrified by the girl you dissed at prom as she points a power drill at your head.”

Samuel says preparing for his role in the horror film was different than most film prep, he joked “I practiced my blood curdling scream in the bathroom mirror every morning.”

“The Loved Ones” is being screened at midnight showings across the country on Friday, June 1st. Check out Tugg.com for locations and to purchase tickets.