Why Rob and Kristen Are Never Getting Back Together

November 20, 2013 By:
Why Rob and Kristen Are Never Getting Back Together
Image By: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

These types of stories are published endlessly and only frustrate Robert Pattinson further. Of course, we’re talking about how the media (like us) pries into his love life every other hour of the day (like this article). Especially when it concerns his former flame Kristen Stewart.

“Rob is so sick and tired of people asking him what’s going on with Kristen,” a source told OK! “At this point he really has no idea. The whole thing is a pressure cooker with her, and Rob has been enjoying his freedom and the lack of drama in his life.”

He’s really over all the unsolicited opinions about his relationships and if he thinks it’s bad now, getting back with Kristen would only add fuel to the fire. But he’s still willing to have a “cordial” relationship with his ex, for the sake of their dogs and friendship.

“The fact that he’s even allowing Kristen in his life right now is a big step,” the source added of their recent rendezvous. “In an ideal world they could take their time out of the public eye and slowly work on things, but obviously that isn’t what’s happening. He gets stalked day and night and has everyone from family and friends to fans questioning him about it!”

All Rob wants is normalcy—or whatever that word means for a celebrity—and he won’t even be close to a semblance of that if he goes back to the highest-profile relationship/breakup of the past year and a half.