Twilight's Breaking Dawn Brings in Big Dollars

November 19, 2011 By:
Twilight's Breaking Dawn Brings in Big Dollars

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” opened yesterday and it's already done better at the box office than some movies make in their entire theater run.

The fourth installment debuted to an estimated $72 million yesterday, which is the third-highest opening day ever behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($91.1 million) and The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($72.7 million).

It’s also made way more than any of the opening nights for any of the three previous Twilight films and you know it’s only because this film has the coveted “sex scene.” Oh like you’re going to see Twilight for the choreographed fight scenes and the brilliant writing, shut up.

The critical reviews are a little more mixed, but hey, no-one ever said these were Oscar winning films. It’s the Twilight franchise, they could have Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make googly eyes for 2 hours and it would still be just as popular. Actually it would be more popular, probably.

So anyways, regardless of how much it makes or what some film critics say, fans are going to continue pouring into the theater, thereby putting this movie on path to become the highest grossing Twilight film yet.

The films director Bill Condon spoke out about the crazy birthing scene and says fans will have something to leave to the imagination.

“You can’t show everything, obviously, we have a [PG-13] rated movie. But we did it through the point of view of Bella and what she can see as she’s giving birth. I think your imagination fills in a lot of that.”

So what is this, one of those “choose your own adventure” type movies. I have no idea, that being said, I’m still buying my ticket online right now.

Condon also says the same technique was used with the honeymoon scene, in that it’s told through flashback, a little piece at a time.

“I think when you see the movie you'll see, you think you get it and then you get more of it and then you get more of it, which I think was part of the intention because it's such a big thing — everyone's been waiting for it," he said. "We just wanted to make sure you got a lot of it when you got it."

If that wasn’t the most cryptic description ever, just go see the movie yourself.