RPtaz, Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction

August 16, 2012 By:
RPtaz, Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction

Is it breezy in here? Maybe we should shut the barn door…

Rob Pattinson is having trouble holding himself together lately… Literally. Shortly after flashing his striped underwear in NYC yesterday, he arrived at the respected New York Times, TimesTalks event forgetting one key detail in his ensemble. He stood for photos next to his director, David Cronenberg, with his fly cracked wide open.


The actor was at the event to promote his new movie Cosmopolis, which Cronenberg directed. However, all eyes were on him for a different reason… Because his long time girlfriend Kristen Stewart went behind his back and cheated on him and - so far - he’s been way too cool about it.

In the photo, RPatz goes for the laid back look. But every minor detail working to make him look cool is automatically countered by the gaping hole in the center of his crotch.

Rob wears a white, old school (snap-style) hat, turned backwards on his noggin. He has a navy polo on, striped with thin, red and yellow lines. Finally a black, loose summer jacket goes on top, which he wears open. Smooth…

Then come his pants, the star of the shot. They’re regular, slim fit jeans. He has his hands in his pockets, unknowingly acting to highlight the wardrobe mishap. And we’re not just talking a minor zip-slip. This is full on, forgot to return to equilibrium after the last time I peed.

Oh, Rob… If your story as of late could possibly get any sadder, this will surely do it. Maybe that publicist you said you were going to hire can help remind you of things like this after she’s done teaching you how to talk in public.

The actor has been making the rounds to promote his new film, so far appearing on both “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” In both appearances, he did his best to talk about anything but K-Stew.

Cosmopolis opens in theaters this Friday.