Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Married' 5 Times Already

January 31, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Married' 5 Times Already
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting married, you guys. Do you care, because we will NEVER believe a headline that claims these two are getting hitched, we won’t even believe it when it actually happens. Why do we think this? Because this will mark Rob and Kristen’s 5th wedding in the last year. 

It's the tabloid that cried wolf, because after a year of wedding rumors we just don't buy it anymore. 

June 6, 2012: A month before Kristen’s mouth wandered into greener pastures, OK Magazine claimed that she and Rob had already gotten married. Why we didn’t believe this? The headline claimed: “Wedding Of the Year – All the exclusive details: The red and black roses, the gorgeous emerald ring – and In-N-Out burgers.” They lost me at “In-N-Out burgers.”

July 5, 2012: Just a few weeks after their "wedding," Kristen is spotted trying on engagement rings, because that’s how marriage works. Wedding first, engagement second. Surprisingly, it was the jeweler who sparked the rumor in the first place.

October 3, 2012: The wedding rumors cooled down over the summer, because of the cheating scandal, but once the tabloid world was CERTAIN that Rob and KStew were an item again, “sources” claimed that Kristen was desperate to marry Rob to repair their relationship and that they were eloping in the winter. Well, winter isn’t done yet, there’s still a chance for a wedding.

December 5, 2012: I take that back, over the Holidays Rob and Kristen reportedly started planning their “Big Wedding” which was going to take place somewhere tropical and they would honeymoon in Canada. Well, it’s almost February and we’ve yet to see them go anywhere near Canada on this so-called honeymoon.

January 31, 2013: I’m sorry, I spoke too soon, the wedding is now BACK-ON. Yes, the same magazine that reported their wedding in June is now reporting their upcoming Australian wedding. Yes, it’s happening in Aussie-land AND it doesn’t matter that they are rumored to have broken up, apparently, “sexy Skypes saved their relationship.”