Robert Pattinson Wants to Be a Pop Star

November 25, 2009 By:
Robert Pattinson Wants to Be a Pop Star

As if Twilight hottie Rob Pattinson wasn't famous enough, he's ready to pursue a career as a pop star.

All true Rob Pattinson fans know he's a budding songwriter and has dreams of becoming a huge singer one day. He sang the track "Never Think," which was featured on the first Twilight soundtrack. But he's scared fans obsesses with his character Edward will stop him from ever becoming a successful singer.

He said: “I write songs, that's true. I'll record a few tracks as soon as I finish the promotion for the movies, but before I won’t to do anything. I don’t want to release an album which has a sticker on it saying, ‘By the vampire of ‘Twilight’,’ on it.

“If the record is released one day there won’t be my name or my picture on the cover. Everyone would be biased. No one would listen to it.”

He added to Paris Match magazine: “Before I was famous I would have loved to perform in bars and pubs. But this isn’t possible anymore.”

Maybe he can go by 'The Lone Werewolf' or 'The Human Cash Machine'? Just a thought. What do you think of Rob the singer? Should he just stick to acting?