Robert Pattinson Still Hiding Out But Not At Deer Lodge

August 6, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson Still Hiding Out But Not At Deer Lodge

Robert Pattinson was rumored to have gone out to a bar in Ojai, Calif. over the weekend, but Hollyscoop did some sleuthing and came to the conclusion that Rob’s big night out was all a lie! Okay, “lie” is a strong word to use, but “most likely NOT true” sums it up.

The rumors that Rob drank the night away started when a random girl on Twitter @JulieDemDam tweeted that she had spotted him at the Deer Lodge in Ojai. He’s reportedly staying at Reese Witherspoon’s house nearby.

Well, it’s unsure if Rob was out at the bar on Friday or Saturday night because Julie’s tweets were sent on Saturday, which could mean he was out late Friday night, or early on Saturday evening.

We talked to several bartenders at the Deer Lodge who worked both Friday and Saturday night and none of them were aware of Robert Pattinson’s presence at their bar nor were they familiar with the rumors.

However, The Deer Lodge posted tons of media stories on the Robert Pattinson sighting on their official Facebook page, which is strange because the employees weren’t aware of it at all.

Also, Julie Demdam (the girl with the tweet heard round the world) also tweeted that she had a friend who worked at the Deer Lodge, which is pretty suspicious behavior. Was Julie’s RPtaz tweet all just lame publicity for the Deer Lodge?

The night RPatz was supposedly there, a band named “The Lonely Wild” performed and we asked them if they were aware of their very famous attendee.

“It was a hazy night for us, filled with lots of whiskey, beer, and meeting local characters. We heard that he was there and was enjoying the music, but I don't believe we have any photos. I would have remembered if anyone was openly weeping about recent relationship woes though, so I can assure you there was none of that,” says the band.

So the bartenders didn’t know he was there. Julie Demdam has since deleted her tweets. The band doesn’t remember him. Nobody has any photos.

I think it’s safe to say that RPatz wasn’t out this weekend, heck, he might not even be in Ojai. Where in the world is Robert Pattinson? No idea.