Robert Pattinson’s Friends VERY Supportive Of Kristen Stewart Split

January 22, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson’s Friends VERY Supportive Of Kristen Stewart Split

Oh wow, the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumored breakup may actually be a real thing. Nearly every UK based tabloid has a different “source” confirming their so-called “split.”

Uhh, but I thought their love was 4 Ever! Like Vampirez!

Anyways, apparently all of Rob’s friends and family were just patiently waiting for him to realize what they all knew, namely that Kristen cheated on him and humiliated him and home-boy needs to take his clearly defined jaw line down to any bar in Los Angeles and find himself a suitable mate!

“No one would ever have told him what to do. But some people felt he never gave himself time to deal with what happened and heal. They think he has made the right choice,” a source told Grazia magazine.

And like every rag mag has been saying, it was Rob and Kristen’s less-than-stellar holiday romp that put the final nail in the coffin, explaining that things with Rob’s family were “frosty.”

“Rob’s family, especially his sisters, have found it hard to forgive the hurt and humiliation Kristen has caused him,” adds the source.

Also, apparently Rob was super upset when Kristen signed on to do the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, which is weird because Rupert Sanders isn’t even directing the sequel.

“Kris thought it would be fine because Rupert is no longer working on the project, but Rob didn't feel the same way. That caused a major point of tension.”

Also, Kristen is still holding out for a reunion since she got her man back the first time they split. Well, sometimes you don’t get second chances, KStew.

Check back to Hollyscoop for more as this story unfolds, I will be watching this drama like a hawk!