Robert Pattinson: People Make Stuff Up About The Scandal

August 14, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson: People Make Stuff Up About The Scandal

In Robert Pattinson’s 24 hours out and about in public, he’s done a pretty good job avoiding talking about the cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart.

I literally thought he was going to emerge 30 pounds thinner and drying his tears into a Twilight poster, but alas, he’s surprisingly cheery and not-surprisingly avoiding any personal questions. But Showbiz Tonight was able to get a bit of personal info out of the vampire hunk.

When the interviewer asks Rob if he is doing “okay,” he says “Yep.”

As for how Rpatz is doing in the midst of all the tabloid speculation on the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, he says, “Since the first Twilight, you enter this realm where you get stuff reported about you and its weird.

The interviewer also asked if the reports about him hiding out in Ojai and going out drinking were true, he only said this, "You start having a total disassociation [between real life and what is written] and on top of that, loads of people make stuff up anyways.”

So, is he saying that the rumors are all made up? Gah, why won’t he just give us a straight answer!?

Well, we still have the rest of the week to find out more from Rpatz. He scheduled to appear on Good Morning America and MTV News later this week.

Facts we DO know about RPatz is that he’s joining the cast of a new Werner Herzog indie flick “Queen of the Desert” which stars Naomi Watts and get this, Rob will play Lawrence of Arabia.

Kristen Stewart reportedly dropped out of her new movie “Cali” but Rob continues to go strong with gritty new film roles.

Apparently the scandal has done well for him.