Robert Pattinson Named Sexiest Man Alive AGAIN!

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Robert Pattinson Named Sexiest Man Alive AGAIN!
For the fourth year in a row, Robert Pattinson has been named the Sexiest Man Alive.

So yes, Kristen Stewart cheated on the sexiest man alive. This is what this headline actually means.

Glamour U.K. publishes it’s annual list of the world’s “sexiest men” and while it’s supposed to be a list of all kinds of sexy men, it’s not exactly coincidence that the UK’s sexiest import keeps topping the list for a fourth year in a row.

I have no problem with RPatz sitting very pretty in the #1 spot, but the rest of the sexy list is, at times, random.

The 2nd sexiest man this year is Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston. I honestly don’t even know who that is. I just Googled him and he’s kind of a poor man’s Michael Fassbender. Okay, I can get behind that.

Other drool-worthy men on the list include Johnny Depp, Taylor Lautner, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Hemsworth, and of course, the hottest of them all Ryan Gosling, who ONLY placed at #17…surprisingly?

Also, all five members of One Direction made the cut, but poor Liam Payne only came in at the number 77 spot but Harry Styles made it on the list at 21. It aint easy being sexy.

Here are the Top 20 Sexiest Men for 2012 and keep in mind that this is a UK publication, so yes, we have no idea who Danny O’Donoghue is either.

1) Robert Pattinson
2) Tom Hiddleston
3) Johnny Depp
4) Michael Fassbender
5) Benedict Cumberbatch
6) Robert Downey Jr.
7) Taylor Lautner
8) Paul Wesley
9) James McAvoy
10) Henry Cavill
11) Cory Monteith
12) Ian Somerhalder
13) Ed Westwick
14) Alexander Skarsgard
15) Joe Manganiello
16) Danny O'Donoghue
17) Ryan Gosling
18) Christian Bale
19) Chris Hemsworth
20) Tom Hardy
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