Robert Pattinson Moving To Canada For Summer

June 18, 2013 By:
 Robert Pattinson Moving To Canada For Summer

Sorry, LA Twihards who live for those fleeting glimpses of Robert Pattinson coming or going from some dirty hipster bar…your King RPatz is moving to Canada for the summer.

“Rob is renting a house in Bloor West Village in Toronto for July and August,” a source told The Daily Star paper.

Apparently he’s going to be staying there with his sister Lizzie. Well, that’s sweet.

Last week, Rob and Kristen Stewart were spotted holding hands near KStew’s house and later were supposedly spotted in Malibu. This all according to Twitter sightings, with no photographic evidence. We’re just saying, it would be a weird time to jet off to Canada after you supposedly reconciled with your ex-girlfriend.

Apparently Rob wants to hole up in his Canada castle and “write music.”

“Rob's always had half a mind on his music, but when his film career and relationship with Kristen both took off at the same time, something else had to give,” adds the source, “He's really enjoyed picking up his guitar again properly and it has given him something to focus on during the break-up.”

Oh Rob, you poor tortured soul.