Robert Pattinson Moves into Beverly Hills Bachelor Pad

August 15, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson Moves into Beverly Hills Bachelor Pad
Image By: Zillow

Well, it’s official. Robert Pattinson has finally and officially moved on from Kristen Stewart.

He just spent $3.5 million to rent a mansion in Beverly Hills, a far cry from his old place he used to share with Kristen Stewart in the hipster mecca known as Los Feliz.

His new place is NOT actually IN Beverly Hills. It’s basically a Beverly Hills address, but it’s really just Los Angeles. It's also practically in the Hollywood Hills. The new place is very residential; his neighbors are mostly families. It’s honestly a weird spot for a bachelor pad, but the house is sick thanks to these photos dug up by Zillow

A source told E! News that Rob has just barely moved in and doesn’t have much furniture yet, the photos above are from before Rob moved in. 

“It’s very beautiful, but you can tell he has not lived there for very long. It’s very sparse right now,” says the source.

How does a 27-year-old single dude fill an entire mansion with furniture? He may be rich, but there are only so many framed Scarface posters a dude can work with.

Rob’s new single life includes hanging out with D-list actresses like Mischa Barton and Michelle Rodriquez. Yeah, apparently that’s his new clique.

“He is very low-key and just wants to be with friends right now,” another insider insists. 

Well, that’s a far cry from yesterday’s story we posted about how Rob is OBSESSED with Kristen and that they’ll probably end up together again.

This just goes to show you that everything on the Internet about Rob and Kristen probably isn’t true.

Besides, why would you drop $3.5 million on a home when you ultimately want to get back with the girlfriend you used to live with? C’mon guys, logic.