Robert Pattinson: Let's Make A Dirty Version of 'Twilight'

November 16, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson: Let's Make A Dirty Version of 'Twilight'


Everything out of Robert Pattinson’s mouth is gold. Pure gold.

Just the other day he told fans to send him nude photos of themselves. 

Now he’s revealing in interviews that he wants to do a p*rno version of the Twilight films.

“I have thought about getting into porn a lot,” Rob told the Daily Star, “We could do dirty version of the Twilight films. I particularly like Banging Dawn.”

However, Kristen probably WONT join him. She just told Conan O’Brien the other night with sarcasm, “It’s so nice to see your own reflection while you’re making shmexy faces,” before adding seriously how much she hates sex scenes, “It’s absolutely absurd, I want to shoot myself!”

I’m sure X-rated versions of The Twilight Saga already exist, but I’m sure any version with Rpatz in it is probably a step up from whatever gnarly p*rn actor look-a-like they got to play him. 

Other revealing moments in the interview include Rob joking that he wished he got a better memento from the set.

“I tried to steal the Volvo, but they wouldn’t let me have it,” he joked.

The final Twilight premiere happened in Madrid last night, which means an end to these ridiculous Robert Pattinson interviews. Are you sad to see the saga come to a close, Twihards?