Robert Pattinson Has 'Rowdy' Night At Ojai Bar

August 6, 2012 By:

Finally, Robert Pattinson has emerged from hiding! After much speculation, RPatz apparently WAS staying at Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai, Calif. home because he was spotted out at a bar in Ojai on Saturday night and Ojai isn’t a town you just visit on a Saturday night.

It’s like up a hill and there’s no reason you should ever go there unless you smoke a ton of weed or go on yoga retreats. Or you go there when you're the most wanted man in Hollywood and you're hiding out at a friends house nearby and want to go out where the paparazzi won't find you.


Anyway, how do we know RPatz was there? Because some girl tweeted about it. Twitter user @Juliedemdam was drinking at the Deer Lodge when she noticed the most famous scorned man in Hollywood.

Here is RPatz progression of the night as told through her tweets:

Another source told Us Weekly that Robert “seemed to be having an amazing time” that “he looked like a guy that was just trying to enjoy himself and get away…seems like a good kid!”

Another eyewitness says Reese Witherspoon was even out at the Deer Lodge bar on Saturday night, which is strange behavior seeing as she’s crazy pregnant.

The bar patron says he was there with a “group of good looking guys that dressed ‘hip L.A.’” but according to that girls tweet, he was also with a bunch of “panty droppers” aka L.A. women that will do anything to sleep with RPatz.

Kristen, meanwhile, is staying with her producer friend Giovanni Agnelli where she is reportedly “crying non-stop.”