Robert Pattinson's Lonely Valentine's Day

February 14, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson's Lonely Valentine's Day

While Kristen Stewart is frolicking in LA at a bowling alley with Taylor Lautner, her boyfriend Robert Pattinson is hard at work in Australia, lolling around the outback all by himself and posing for really sad-looking photos with underage fans.

Yesterday (which is basically Valentine's Day in Australia, because of time zones and ish), Rob was filming The Rover and drinking a beer with the crew when some random fan named Trance Tyler spotted him and asked for a photo.

Rob posed with Tyler’s little sister and legitimately looks depressed.

Tyler tweeted about the Valentine’s Day interaction with Rob, writing, “Sitting on the footpath watching Robert Pattinson and his crew film his new movie. Got pictures with Robert Pattinson, he was drinking a beer and we had a chat with him for about 30 minutes! He is so down to earth. Rob asked that we keep [the pictures] off the [Internet] for a few weeks to help against the [paparazzi] story. He asked me not to post them.”

Tyler posted the photo to prove to fans that he actually met him, but got the picture before he took it down. You can see it here

So that’s how Robert Pattinson spent his Valentine’s Day: with fans, drinking beer, and begging them not to post the photos online.