Robert Pattinson Has a Creepy Goatee Now

November 15, 2013 By:
Robert Pattinson Has a Creepy Goatee Now
Image By: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

You heard it here first. Robert Pattinson is over. Put a fork in him, his 15 minutes are done!

Mixed metaphors aside, Robert Pattinson has a goatee now and it’s terrifying.

Rob used to rock that grungy hipster vibe with his year-round five o’clock shadow, but now he looks like he’s going to try and sell us a timeshare in Jersey. Ruined. He’s ruined now.

However, Rob WAS having a solo night out WITHOUT his new chick Dylan Penn and was seen laughing his a*s off while bidding on expensive items at a charity gala, so at least he’s enjoying himself as a single man.

The tabloid mill is going nuts lately, it’s hard to tell if Rob is dating Dylan or trying to get back with Kristen Stewart because depending on which magazine you read, it’s a different story.

For now, we’ll just go with the headline, “Robert Pattinson Gets a Goatee and Scares Off All Eligible Women in LA.”