Robert Pattinson Goes Nude in New Trailer for "Cosmopolis"

March 22, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson Goes Nude in New Trailer for

Remember when Robert Pattinson shaved half his head over the summer for that movie he was shooting? Well, it was for the flick “Cosmopolis” and who even cares about that weird haircut, the Vampire heartthrob gets naked in the trailer! Several times! Hubba hubba!

The honeymoon scene in “Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1” has nothing on the “Cosmopolis” teaser trailer.

In this 30-second spot we see R-Patz very nearly getting shot in the head by a naked woman. A scary naked gun toting woman and Pattinson goes, “show me something I don’t know!” Oh stop Robert, I’m blushing!

He then strips down for a romp in his limousine with a different woman.

He also shoots himself in the hand with a gun. He is not naked when this event occurs, I just thought it was cool to mention. Oh also, naked R-Patz is not really "happening," if you know what I mean, and I think you do. (Pale…skinny…weird chest hairs).

So anyways, I have no idea what this movie “Cosmopolis” is supposed to be about but it looks awesome. Pattinson plays a total bad boy, very much unlike his Vampire-Romeo character he’s been playing in the “Twilight” films for the last few years.

Anyways, “Cosmopolis” is supposed to be about a 28-year-old millionaire bad boy who travels through Manhattan wreaking havoc while he tries to get a haircut. Just watch it, at the very least it will tide you over until “Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”