Robert Pattinson: The Fans Look Better This Year

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Robert Pattinson: The Fans Look Better This Year
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You hear that Twihards!? Robert Pattinson thinks you guys look good!

No seriously, Rob walked the red carpet (err, black carpet actually) signing autographs for fans for nearly 3 hours and noticed the beautiful faces of his die-hard followers.

Rob told Hollyscoop, “The [fans] do look a lot fresher than they did last year! Everyone looked absolutely destroyed last year, maybe it’s a bit warmer!”

Really? Did Rob not realize that fans have been camped out for nearly four days and it’s been the coldest weekend of the fall in Los Angeles? Psh, Brits. Apparently they don’t understand that 65 degrees is basically sub-zero in LA!

Anyways, Rob was clearly all about the fans. He rarely stopped to give interviews to the press and spent the entire carpet slowly making his way down the barricade where the fans pressed up against and gave photos and autographs to nearly every single one.

It was a good day to be a Twihard. 

When asked if it was bittersweet seeing all the devoted fans camping out one last time, Rob said, “Oh, absolutely! I mean, it’s crazy that it happened on the first one!”

Both Kristen and Rob stayed until the very end, pushing the movie start time back nearly an hour and a half so they could greet everyone who came to the premiere to see them.