Robert Pattinson Emerges From Hiding – Still Looks Good

August 14, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson Emerges From Hiding – Still Looks Good

Robert Pattinson wears devastation well.

RPatz has emerged from his self-appointed hiding place to attend a taping of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” where he artfully dodged questions about Kristen Stewart.

Later that day he attended the NY premiere of Cosmopolis and I have to admit that he looked a little blue in a blue suit.

Even though this flick has nothing to do with vampires, all the Northeastern Twihards turned out for the premiere.

The poor guy looked a little bewildered, donning his usual deer-in-the-headlights gaze as he posed for photos and tried to ignore all the paparazzi, photo, and fan screaming.

He stopped for a couple interviews, telling Access Hollywood that the fan support in his time of need is “great, wonderful” but felt bad that the fan pandemonium made it difficult to give autographs at this premiere.

“There’s absolutely no way to sign anything,” he lamented.

Rob avoided any personal questions and I don’t want to bore you with quotes about Cosmopolis because let’s be real, the only reason you'll see that movie is to check out R-Patz. Well, I take that back, R-Patz talked about the sex scenes in Cosmopolis. I think this will tide over you Twihards until the vampire-snuff hits theaters in November.

“I think I’d feel a little uncomfortable doing straight up porn,” Rob joked (we hope), “Some of the scenes in [the movie] were like complicated acting scenes during a sex scene, which is a very strange experience. One of the sex scenes was supposed to be a dialogue scene, and the morning of the shoot David tells me, oh by the way you’re going to have sex.”

That alone is a reason to see the movie. But I digress.

Rob rocked the red carpet photos, channeling James Dean but never quite cracking a smile. Then again, it's not like he ever smiled when walking a carpet with Kristen Stewart.

This morning, in another blue suit (are The Blues a new theme for the sad actor?) Rob turned up to the New York Stock Exchange for the ringing of the opening bell.

He looked right at home amongst all the Wall-Street guys. Rob’s character in Cosmopolis is a self-made billionaire Wall Street type, so it was fitting that he rang the opening bell. Then again, the cast of “The Jersey Shore” has rang the bell, so it’s not that impressive.