Robert Pattinson: Dude Where's My Car?

July 23, 2009 By:
Robert Pattinson: Dude Where's My Car?

Twilight hunk Rob Pattinson has been so busy filming back-to-back movies, he's forgotten where he parked his car.

Pattinson, who is currently in New York shooting his new film Remember Me, genuinely doesn't remember where he parked his car last because his busy work schedule is the only thing on his mind.

“I don’t even remember where I left my car,” he says. “It’s probably been towed away by now. That’s my only immovable possession and now I don’t know where it is!

“It’s upsetting though because it was important to me. It was the first car I ever bought. Made me feel like a man, buying a car.”

Poor Rob won't even have time to locate his car after shooting for Remember Me is over because he's going to start shooting for the third Twilight movie Eclipse right after.

The bright side is he can probably afford to buy a parking lot full of cars after he's done with Eclipse, so we wouldn't feel too sorry for him.