Is Robert Pattinson's Drinking Out of Control?

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Is Robert Pattinson's Drinking Out of Control?
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Robert Pattinson is currently in Australia to film his new movie The Rover but honestly he seems to be doing more drinking than filming.

One of Twihards favorite pastimes is spotting Robert Pattinson and tweeting about it. While this is fun and cute and we love an Rpatz sighting as much as the next girl, should we be worried about Rob's drinking habits? There are rumors that Rob and Kristen may have broken up and Rob is alone in Australia, could the stress be leading him to the bottle? We round up Rob's boozy trip down under amd find out from a few experts what could be going on with our heart-throb!

Since Rob landed down under barely two weeks ago, he’s been spotted out and about at the bar scene AND was “confirmed” by a fan to be super high when she saw him at a music festival.

Here's where Rob has been spotted in the last two weeks.

1/19/13: Rob starts out his whirlwind pub crawl with a low-key night out at Cork Wine Bar with the director and producer of his new movie.

1/20/13: Rob parties at a pub called Zhivago. A twitter fan spotted him and posted several photos of Rob in the VIP section with a group of his guy friends. The Twitter fan only revealed that Rob occasionally talked to other club goers outside his group of guy friends.

1/25/13: During the day Rob was at the music festival “Big Day Out” where he was spotted by fan Alexandra Warner, who wrote on Twitter, “I’m touring with the big day out festival in Australia and he’s here. Chilled out bloke. Think he was stoned ha!!” So not only does Rob like hitting the bar scene, he smokes weed and heads to music festivals.

1/25/13: Later that day, Rob is spotted at the Grace Emily Hotel bar from midnight until 2 am. He was spotted by twitter fan @plaank_ 

Is this just a 26-year-old guy partying with his buddies or is the stress from his maybe break-up with KStew turning him into an alcoholic? We ask the experts. 

"First of all, alcohol and drugs always come into play when someone is under extreme stress in work and/or relationships, especially if the person is already predisposed to already drinking a lot of and doing some drugs. The natural way for someone to deal with that is to go drink," Dr. Howard Samuels, the Founder and CEO of rehab center "The Hills Treatment Center" tells Hollyscoop exclusively. 

However, we did see Rob riding his bike last week, which Sharon Buchalter, PhD an expert on addiction and relationships, tells us is a good sign. 

"He could channel this into more helpful things like exercise, meditation and/or work," says Dr. Buchalter. 

We're addicted to Robert Pattinson we just hope he's not addicting to alcohol! 

However, we think Rob is going to be just fine, ain't nothing wrong with a few beers amongst friends. 

*Both Doctors have not treated Robert Pattinson