Robert Pattinson Dodges Kristen Stewart Relationship Questions

November 8, 2012 By:
Robert Pattinson Dodges Kristen Stewart Relationship Questions

It’s pretty obvious that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together again. They are constantly photographed together, they’ve reportedly moved in together into Kristen’s home, and they are entirely civil and comfortable with one another in interviews. However, none of them will freaking confirm it!

Robert appeared on the Today show this morning to talk about Twilight, yada yada yada, but things got weird when interviewer Savannah Guthrie asked him straight up, “everyone wants to know, are you back together with Kristen Stewart?”

Rob responded: “I want to ask you, because we get asked it all the time. Who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?”

Woah, Rob, calm down buddy.

Then when Savannah asked if Rob was sick of interviews invading his privacy (like she just did) he retorted, “It doesn’t have to be. It won’t be personal if I don’t answer it. I could just sit here and talk nonsense…”

And then he laughed in his signature Brit way, followed by nervous laughter, followed by his iconic and adorable hair grab, followed by an awkward silence…

Savannah then told him that she interviewed Kristen yesterday and asked her if she was dating Rob and said that Kristen’s response was, “Keep them guessing,” to which Rob replied, “Keep who guessing?!”

They also aired a clip from Twilight which featured Rob and Kristen kissing and Savannah asked him, “is it awkward to watch a love scene like that?” and he completely ignored the question asking, “What is on my leg? I need a lint roller. It looks like I’ve fallen into some mud.”

Watch the awkwardness unfold here.

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