Robert Pattinson Disses One Direction

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Robert Pattinson Disses One Direction
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Oh no he didn’t! Your favorite British import (Robert Pattinson) just dissed your other favorite British import (One Direction).

In an interview with MSN, Robert asked questions submitted directly from fans and one asked him which boyband would he rather join – Westlife or One Direction?

Side Note: Disclaimer is a British boyband circa the ‘N Sync era. Supposedly Westlife broke up in 2012, but I haven’t heard that name uttered in years. I’m not sure all of them are alive.

Anyways, here’s what Robert Pattinson had to say about joining one of the boybands.

Rob said he would rather join, “Westlife, definitely. Westlife are one of my favorite bands,” he said with a smirk.

Pretty sure that’s more of his deadpan British humor.

“I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done,” Rob confessed, “I’ve just seen pictures of them.”

Excuse me? He’s never heard One Direction songs? Has he ever stepped foot inside a Forever 21 or middle school dance? Obviously, Rob is missing out on A LOT OF THINGS.

Other hilarious moments from Rob’s interviews included him admitting that he’s starring in the film version of “50 Shades Of Grey.”

“I am playing that part, I also wrote the book,” Rob says with a smile.

Again, it’s impossible to decipher this guy’s sarcasm. But I’m going to go with “I am playing that part” because that’s what my fantasies would prefer to believe.