Robert Pattinson Dines With Mystery Blonde in NYC

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Robert Pattinson Dines With Mystery Blonde in NYC
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O.M.G Robert Pattinson is cheating on Kristen Stewart? Tit for tat, girl!

Okay, Twihards before you go HAM on the comments page, let me explain this story because it might not actually be a big deal.

So Rob has been in NY to film a commercial for his new Dior men’s fragrance, which I would like to buy and spray onto my pillow at night, I MEAN WHAT, and last night he and a group of colleagues went out to dinner.

Rob, a group of guys, and one “older” female dined at NY hotspot Cipriani last night. This according to an unnamed source who watched the dinner unfold.

So Rob was eating with a group of people; they could be people working on the commercial with him that day, it could be his agents, it could have been a business meeting, or maybe they were just friends.

Basically, it wasn't a date with this woman, it was a group of people eating together.

Also, the eyewitness added that Rob was NOT flirting with the woman, but he is awkward…so I don’t know if Rob’s idea of flirting is what regular people consider flirting. Ehh, no. Rob loves Kristen! Bella and Edward 4 Ever!

Cipriani is also one of Rob’s fave restaurants and he has taken Kristen there in the past.

Rob went home around 11pm while his friends stayed to smoke. Seems like he might be cutting down on his smoking habit.

Rob also took some photos with fans who spotted him in the area while filming.

The moral of the story is: You don’t have to be worried about Rob and the “mystery woman.” She’s probably his manager or someone who wants to cast him in a new movie.