Robert Pattinson Becomes Relevant Again, Ladies Rejoice

April 15, 2014 By:
Robert Pattinson Becomes Relevant Again, Ladies Rejoice

Thank God almighty, Robert Pattinson hath entered our hearts and computer screens yet again.  

TRANSLATION: Robert Pattinson is actually going places, and releasing movies, and is fully relevant again. THANK THA LAWD.

For starters, the trailer for his movie Map to the Stars is FINALLY HERE after what felt like one thousand years of anticipation and paparazzi shots from the set.

Exclu : la première bande-annonce de «Maps to... by Telerama_BA

Did you watch it? Robert Pattinson is in like six seconds of the entire trailer, BUT he does bone Julianne Moore in a limo and THAT is dope.

Also, our boy went to Coachella over the weekend with KATY PERRY.


How do we feel about his “friendship” with Katy? Are they hooking up or nah?

Anyways, we’re just glad RPatz is still alive after so many months of non-relevancy. Well, except that time in February when he smoked a cig and parted his hair on the side.

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